Independent studio, established in 2019 by Kilian Muster to create original 2D animation and other stuff nobody asked for.

Currently producing the sci-fi series Phungus & Mowld which even got a bunch of awards.


To prove the point in the most extreme way, that animation creation can be done more efficiently with a small dedicated team, Kilian Muster started producing three episodes of the sci-fi series Phungus & Mowld in 2019 as a one-man operation, in his spare time.


With a tight-knit network of creatives that work autonomously around the globe. One of our partners is Rahrang Studio, who also develop their own IP.


The pilot episode of Phungus & Mowld “Dead Angle” was released in 2020 and won several awards at various film festivals. Followed by episode 2 in 2021, and the third installment in 2022, due to the extreme production limitations (one-man, in his spare-time).

A Fantasy film, Shadywoods, is also currently in development.


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