Phungus & Mowld
Phungus & Mowld

The involuntary space-time adventures of two unlikely companions.
Hired gun and loudmouth Mowld drags Phungus, an anxious little alien from his cushy life as a bartender into countless outlandish adventures.

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Space – the ultimate destination, where galaxies throw their last parties, where parking is always free and the view is out of this world. These are the adventures of Phungus & Mowld. Their mission: to learn strange new words, to seek out new Wi-Fi and new procrastinations, to boldly go where no one is stupid enough to go… and to avoid tickets from the ultraviolet guard.

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Episode 1 • Trailer

Episode 2 • Trailer

Episode 3 • Trailer “Mowld is Backer”

BEST SCI-FI SHORT - Accord Cine Fest - June 2021
RED MOVIE AWARDS - Best Sci-Fi May 2021
BEST ANIMATION SHORT - DIAMOND AWARD - Pinnacle Film Awards - 2021
BEST ANIMATION - Toronto Film Channel Awards - 2021
OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE - WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition - 2021
BEST ANIMATED SHORT - Phoenix Short Film Festival - November 2020


Phungus Qabee

A harmless snail-like Samosian far away from his home planet. Phungus couldn’t hurt a fly, but his curiosity might kill a cat, or himself.

He belongs to the reclusive race of the Samosians, of which very little is known. Phungus highly evolved mollusk brain allows him to do some real magic with code and computers, but he’s also a bit of a snob looking down on others who are not as intellectually gifted as him.

Mowld Schimmel

Mowld is a hired gun, adventurer, looter – looking for any opportunity to make a buck. His skill set indicates a shady past, supporting his shady present.

Under this tough guy’s surface lies a big heart, and unfortunately an even bigger mouth. He will go head first into any adventure if the payment is right. His rash can-do-attitude makes him a potential hazard for any mission, but also quite resilient – if he only had the brains of Phungus…


ALIS is a vintage imperial drone model, with a hacked firmware, that makes him eager to experience new things, and get excited about it.

The drone’s official designation is “Tactical Universal Robot Drone”, but Phungus felt the acronym to be inappropriate and renamed it: ALIS (Autonomous Lifelike Interactive System).

Production Blog

Behind the Scenes


Take a sneaky peek and follow the creation of this series as it happens. Learn about the pitfalls and challenges and always stay up-to-date with how the new episodes come along.


Pilot Release:

Nov 3, 2020
production ongoing


22 minutes per episode


English Audio
(German & Japanese subtitles)


Created by

Kilian Muster

Produced by

Kilian Muster

Written by

Kilian Muster

Directed by

Kilian Muster

The first three episodes are produced entirely as a one-man operation.



“Dead Angle” (pilot)

Accord Cine Fest June 2021

Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Pilot Episode

RED Movie Awards May 2021

Best Sci-Fi

Pinnacle Film Awards 2021

Best Animation Short – Diamond Award

Toronto Film Channel Awards 2021

Best Animation

WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition 2021

Winner for Outstanding Excellence

Phoenix Short Film Festival Nov 2020

Best Animated Short


“Origins” (ep. 3)

Genesis International Film Festival 2023

Best Short Film – Animation, Finalist

SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest 2022

Best Animation, Nominee

“Astral Endeavor” (ep. 2)

AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival 2022

Short Animation Quarter Finalist

“Dead Angle” (pilot)

AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival 2022

Short Animation Quarter Finalist

Sydney Indie Short Festival Spring 2021

Official Selection

Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi) 2021

Official Selection

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 2021

Official Selection

London Indie Short Festival 2021

Episodic / Web-Series, Semi-Finalist

Flixze Film Festival 2020


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