Pixelblast Releases Phungus & Mowld Episode 3, “Origins”

Oct 23, 2022

The third installment of the animated sci-fi series Phungus & Mowld has been released for all channels, including this website, and should be available in short on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Japan and Germany, Trickfilm.com, Pzaz TV, Vimeo On Demand and Gumroad.

“Origins” is a 21 minute episode about the latest mission of our two, no, three, no, four, no actually in this episode only three protagonists. This time we (and Mowld) will learn more about Phungus species, and ALIS gets to play Cowboy, gaining a new experience.


Mowld is on yet another mission. Reconnaissance only he says. A Walk in the park the says. Dragging Phungus along, Mowld learns more about the Samosian species than he would care to know…

Phungus & Mowld Ep. 2, “Astral Endeavor”, Trailer 1
Phungus & Mowld Ep. 2, “Astral Endeavor”, Trailer 2

You can purchase (and own!) the episode from these sites as a digital download:

Here are the links to the according Video On Demand sites:

In all countries the episode will have English audio and subtitles/closed captions for the local language (as far as the platforms support subtitles).

Phungus & Mowld is planned as a multi-season sci-fi series and new episodes are already in the works. Production pace is slow for the time being, but if you want to know the latest status of new episode production, do check out the “Sneaky Peak” production blog for status updates and blog entries.

Yes, I was crazy enough to think I can create an animated series all alone – doing everything that needs to be done myself, in my spare time between family and day job, all with a budget of exactly ¥0. I think following your dream is the perfect way to get over your midlife-crisis. Hopefully someone will have as much fun watching it as I had fun making it.

—Kilian Muster, creator & director

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