The last heir to the Findelholtz estate in the bewitched Shadywoods forest is penniless slacker Frank Findelholtz, who jumps on the opportunity to own a castle, only to find out he also inherited a kobold, a poltergeist, and trouble with a witch.


The Penniless Heir

Frank Findelholtz is completely broke, and just got evicted from his apartment, when he finds out he is the last heir to a castle in Shadywoods forest.

Accepting the legacy and moving in, he meets Rudwin the resident poltergeist, who is happy to see a new face after 500 years, and introduces Frank to many strange places and creatures throughout the bewitched woodland.

These excursions are met with strong resistance from Humbug the house kobold, who so far has managed to keep the castle tidy and is fed up with having to clean up Frank’s and Rudwin’s mess.

When young weather witch and notorious troublemaker Proxella moves in, Humbug has his work cut out for him.



22 minutes/episode
12 episodes/season
multi season

Animation, Fantasy, Comedy

English Audio
(German & Japanese subtitles)

Depending on budget:
German & Japanese Audio


Written & Created by
Kilian Muster