The escapades of Frank Findelholtz, last heir of Shadywoods castle, struggling to make a buck and raise his young adult daughter in the middle of a bewitched forest with the help of a poltergeist and an overzealous kobold housekeeper.


Planned Release (Pilot)



22 minutes / episode
multi season


Animation, Sitcom, Fantasy, Dark Comedy

Age Range



English Audio
(German & Japanese subtitles)

Production Sneaky Peek

Blogging & Vlogging

Follow the creation of this series as it happens. Learn about the pitfalls and challenges and always stay up-to-date with how the pilot comes along.


Created & Directed by

Kilian Muster

Written by

Kilian Muster & Greg Wong

Executive Producer

Kilian Muster


Frank Findelholtz / Humbug / Woodsinger / Johann / Noir

Kilian Muster

Procella Drizzlepot

Ginger Sue

Rudwin / Ecki / Mossbeard

Shogo Miyakita

Leopold Von Hoffart

Nasim Benelkour

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